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Here are  a few of  the most commonly asked questions and answers about the services offered by 3D CAD Max.


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Can I create 2D drawings from the 3D model?
In AutoCAD 2007 & later: Use the "FLATSHOT" command. This enables 3D drawings to be converted to 2D entities / representations. Hidden lines and isometric views can also be made from this handy command.

AutoCAD 2006 & previous: Use the "SOLFPROF" command.  This needs to be used from paperspace - through a viewport.  It can also generate 2D drawings with optional hidden detail included. 

How can I convert the fittings into a metric / imperial size?
Simply use the toggle button entitled Metric / Imperial.  The imperial setting is in inches and the metric setting is in millimetres.  If you require a different scale such as feet / metres etc then you will need to scale the fittings. 
How do I receive periodic upgrades to my program?
You are entitled to free upgrades for a period of 12 months after your purchase.  After this period you will be required to reorder if you wish to upgrade.
How do I remove an item from the automatic bill of materials?
The bill of materials is generated as a standard AutoCAD table and can as such be edited - descriptions can be altered, parts can be added or removed and the table can be altered to look the way you want it.  The table is very simple to generate and use. 
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My rendering time is too high - how can this be improved?
There are many ways to improve your rendering times.  Some of the most common are:

1)  Decrease the number of frames per second (about 20 to 25 should suffice)

2)  If your scene has an overly large number of particle accelerators then try to reduce them (also remember to add an age test to delete particles that are no longer required by the scene). 

3)  Make your final rendering smaller i.e. instead of an 800 x 600 image, try a 720 x 486.  Also consider splitting your animation down to, say, four time segments and linking the animation file (i.e. MOV or AVI) after the renderings have finished. 


There are many other questions that can be asked.  Please feel free to E-Mail the address below and one of our online support operators should respond within 24 hours. 



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