AutoCAD 3D Pipe Fittings (ANSI Standard)

Table comparing 3D CAD Max's Pipe program to other leading 3D piping programs.  The table is correct as of February 2008. 
NameCostANSI Fittings RangeNo of Fitting Types (ie Elbows, Tees etc)BOM / ScheduleTooltips

(For Easy Part Identification)

Accurate Fittings

(i.e. Bolt Holes On Flanges?)

3D CAD Max

- ANSI Pipe Fittings

$20 USD1/2" To 48"


Accurately drawn
Hercule Design

- 3D AutoCAD Pipe Fittings

$55 USD1/2" To 12"


  Accurately drawn (no bolt holes)
Mech Q

- Piping Pro

$1020 USD1/4"-4" NB

 10 Approx

No bolt holes, simple
CADToolsOnline$180 USD 1/2" - 24"


No bolt holes

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