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Object Hide for AutoCAD

3D CAD Max is proud to release Object Hide, a free program to aid 3D Drafting in AutoCAD (Supported Versions AutoCAD 2007 To 2013: AutoCAD ACA / MEP 2007 To 2013)

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How it Works

Object Hide's dialog box (shown below) is loaded by simply clicking an icon or using 'OHide' on AutoCAD's command line.  


The dialog box has 3 commands: Object Hide

Once this is clicked the dialog box will be closed and you will be prompted to select the objects that you wish to hide (make invisible).  This is useful for working in cluttered drawings when you wish to temporarily remove an object/some objects. 


This closes the dialog box and then prompts you to select an object / group of objects to isolate.  This means that everything not selected will be hidden.  This is useful, for example, if you wished to isolate a pump or series of pumps for working on without the hindrance of other objects getting in your way. 


This will make visible all objects previously hidden or isolated. 


Click Here To Download AutoHide In exe Format


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(For if you are unable to download the .exe.  Open the ReadMe.pdf for instructions)



Object Hide Advanced Version 

Object Hide Advanced has the following features to further increase your AutoCAD modelling speed.


Object Hide Advanced 

Saves the current visibility state of your DWG under a name of your choice.  For example you could have a drawing where only doors and window are visible and call it “Doors and Windows Only”. 


Allows you to restore a previously saved visibility state from the list.  This list is saved with the drawing and will always be present.


Allows you to delete a saved visibility state if you no longer require it.

An upgrade to Object Hide Advanced costs just $20 US and includes free upgrades to the latest versions when available. 
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