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3DS Max - Tutorial To Create Realistic Pool Water

This 3DS Max tutorial will show you how to create professional pool water (An example image and AVI is shown below).  The background models, materials, lights & camera path are supplied so that you can concentrate on the water effect.


Click on Pool Water image above to enlarge

Click Here to see a Hi-Res AVI (11.8 Mb)

Click Here to see a Lo-Res AVI (3.2 Mb)


After the tutorial has been completed there are notes on how to adapt the techniques (i.e. lighting, turbulence of water etc) to suit the requirements of your own animations / renderings.


Download Tutorial

You can install the tutorial and relevant files from the following link:

3D CAD Max - Pool Water Tutorial

If you are unable to download the .exe file then you can download a zip file from here:

3D CAD Max - Pool Water Tutorial Zip File

After downloading the files view the Pool Water Tutorial.pdf file for step by step instructions on creating realistic pool water.