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AutoCAD Architecture 2013 - Schedule Program

What Can This Program Do That Standard ACA Scheduling Can't?

  • Add together dimensions taken from AEC objects that have the same style (i.e. Structural Members with the same styles can have their lengths added together)

  • You can take DWG data from both Property Set Definitions & AEC Object Dimensions and combine them into one single table

  • Puts Item Numbering on objects that have been selected for scheduling in just a few button clicks (these Item Numbers can be tagged using the ACA method - see Help Page for more information)

  • Manually add / remove items from final table

  • Edit the table after it has been produced by simply clicking on the text to be changed


Illustration of how program combines data from different sources:

Diagram Showing Schedule Table Example
Example Showing Table With Wall Lengths Added:
ACA Walls and Schedule Tale 
How Do I Label a Drawing With the Item Numbers? (An Item Number is a unique number that is applied to each entity in your parts list)

Schedule Tags are added in the same way that you would tag other AEC Objects.   Each item's number is added to each object as a PSD (in the case of objects that have their data combined / added the objects share the same item number).  Tagging is explained further on the Help page. 




Download the AutoCAD ACA Schedule Program

You can download a zip file including installation instructions (ReadMe.pdf) from here:

3D CAD Max - Schedule ACA Zip File

To use the Program either use the Toolbar button or type "SchedACA" in AutoCAD's command line to launch the Schedule ACA dialog box.  A help file is included with full instructions.

We hope that this free program will aid you in your work.  


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